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Through research, policy & advocacy, and community engagement, Global Rights Defenders is determined to finding durable solutions to the refugee crisis.

Did You Know?


117 Million People Forcibly Displaced


53 Million Displaced Because of Economic Hardship, or War


Less Than 50% of All Countries Have Integration Measures for Displaced Populations


Only 50% of Countries That Allow Integration, Allow Refugees to Work


About Global Rights Defenders

GRD is committed to empowering displaced populations to achieve socio-economic independence and self-reliance, and to build their capacities to ensure that their rights, freedoms and dignities are being upheld and valued.

Upcoming Projects to Fund

Data and analysis is an essential component to policy. Global Rights Defenders prides themselves as research experts committed to understanding barriers to socio-economic integration. Currently, we are leading a research project at Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya to understand some of those barriers and to inform global audiences.


Need for Advocacy

Given the challenges, there is a need for international actors to advocate for economic inclusion and livelihoods of displaced populations. Global Rights Defenders advocacy efforts will be rooted in context-specific strategies and evidence-based information garnered through our research, to demonstrate the positive impact that economic integration can have on displaced populations, host societies, and the global GDP.

From Our Human Rights Experts

Read our Blog to learn about human rights issues worldwide and how you can #HelpFromHome


Get to Know Us

Meet our team of experts


With Global Rights Defenders, we can discuss our shared visions for advocating for inclusive policy changes and implementation for refugees in Kenya

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