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  • 110 million people displaced, amounting to 1% of the world's population

  • 650,000 refugees live in Kenya - its the 5th largest refugee hosting country in East Africa; 13th in the world

  • Refugees are protracted - they have been forced to live in one of Kenya's two refugee camps, and some have been there for 30+ years

  • Because they are forced to live in a refugee camp they cannot integrate or get a job and are reliant on humanitarian aid. As a result, refugee children are born into displacement and the cycle of protraction continues

  • Since the pandemic and the onset of the Ukrainian-Russian war, aid had been dwindling world wide. Refugee situations are often prolonged and not viewed as an immediate humanitarian crisis, so as a result the amount of aid or assistance they receive has severely lessened

Barriers to integration

GRD wants to understand the barriers refugees face in socio-economic integration. Refugees face several obstacles in obtaining ID & Documentation. Without it, they cannot go to school, gain meaningful employment, or access basic services like healthcare or open bank accounts.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to inform future policy that will protect and promote the rights of refugees through our evidence-based research. By understanding the barriers refugees face, we hope to advocate for a better future.


Self-reliance means people can rely on their own abilities, and not on donations or aid

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GRD became a registered Non-profit under the British Columbia Society Act in November 2022. This means GRD cannot issue tax receipts for donations received. However, we pride ourselves on ensuring resources are used responsibly and efficiently to benefit displaced people around the world. We will use 100% of the proceeds in conducting the research study (details mentioned above) to identify barriers faced by Kenyan Refugees and to publish the report. The report would be accessible for larger public consumption.  Donation Form. The proceeds will go into paying surveyors, booking office space to conduct interviews, administrative costs and related. If you have questions concerning your donation to the Global Rights Defenders, or if you experience difficulties while processing your donation on this site, please email us at

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